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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Christof Tisch

The new basketball World League starts, with teams spread over the world.
Each team starts with the same budget: 11 million Basko.

Draft good players to make your team stronger.
Talented players for the long term, top-players for direct success, or 'show-players' to get more income to invest in future players???

"Sho Wy"
(Point Guard)
doesn't add much value (value of 2 basketballs each season) to win the trophies.
But his magical dribbles and passes bring spectators to the stadiums and attracts sponsors and tv-networks.
So he brings your team cash (see the coins (millions)).

"John Magicson"
is talented and improves in later seasons.
He has value 2 in his first, and value 4 (basketballs) in his last seasons.
And he brings some revenue too (1 million per season).

"Martyn Wallace"
(Power Forward)
is one of the top players.
But his carreer will end in following seasons.
He doesn't add much to the show, so no revenues (no coin).

If you 'hire' the REFEREE the strength of your team rises. :)
And when your strength ties with another team, the REFEREE 'gives' you the victory. If other teams have egual strength, they try to bribe the REFEREE. The bribe you share 50-50 with your REFEREE.

Get assistence by the REFEREE if you foresee close or equal team strengths.


If you 'hire' the PLAYER AGENT he helps you on the transfer market.
He makes that an equal bid is enough to overbid. And when you get the player he makes that you pay 1 million less than your bid.

Get assistence by the PLAYER AGENT if you see interesting players on the transfer market.


If you hire the TRAINER he can make your players reach the level which they would normally have reached next season.

Get assistence by the TRAINER if you have or will draft talented players who you want to make reach their future levels quicker.


If you 'hire' the BANKER he gives you a high interest on savings.

Get assistence by the BANKER if you will not draft expensive players on the transfermarket this season.

Your success as team managers is meassured by the trophies you win.
Get the most valuable trophies in your team's trophy cabinet.


Here it is the fourth season and team Lima Llamas has a strength of 1+3+3+2+4 (the basketballs) +4 (different types of players (the colors)) makes 13+4=17.

The strengths of the teams determine which trophy they win. In the first 3 seasons the Llamas once were the strongest (gold trophy) and 2 times third-strongest (2 bronze trophies).

Lima has a talented point guard (PG, red). He will improve next seasons (see the basketballs on the red tile).
One shooting guard (SG, green) will still get better too, the other is very stable (3 basketballs each season).
The power forward (PF, purple) is at the end of his career. Lima should look for a new PF at the transfer market.
Drafting a new center (C, yellow) or small forward (SF, blue) seems good for the Llamas too.

Lima has funds to attract good players because this 'showboaters' team brings Lima good income: 1+2+1+2+2 (see the coins) =8 milion this season.

Game box and rulebook have 4 languages:

See the rulebook (4 pages). In each game are:

Other languages to print:
Czechian rulebook
Portugees rulebook
Slowakian rulebook
Italian rulebook
Traditional Chinees rulebook


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