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Author: Corné van Moorsel Artwork: Ron van Dalen
2-4 players --- age 7-100 --- 25 minutes

Try to photograph the elephant, lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, monkey, squirrel, crocodile and turtle.
Follow the animals to take good photos.
But the animals don't stand still, they move too!
Can you predict where they will go?

Game content: 4 board quarter sheets - 4 wooden player figures - 10 porcelain animals - 40 cardboard photo tiles - 1 shell
(All will get packed in a tube (not finished at the moment I write this), 22cm high, diameter 8cm. In that the porcelain animals are protected well.)

At your safari tour you want to photograph all animals.
When it is your turn, you move 1 or more spaces in one direction (like the queen in chess).
You can only move through open land, not through bush or water.
After all players have their turn, each animal moves 1 step, to the land space in front of it.
If you are in a space at a side or in front of an animal, you take a photo (so not from behind!).
Winner is the first player who photographs all 10 animals.

The game board consists of 4 different sheets.
Place them randomly to build a 10x10 spaces landscape.
Each player starts in a corner. The animals start randomly spread over the board as explained in the rulebook.
The set-up is the only luck in the game. No luck further, but it's hard to predict what will happen.

When the animals move their step, animals which are blocked turn to the left (if blocked by trees) or to the right (if blocked by water).
Only the crocodile and turtle move through water, and the squirrel and monkey are not blocked by trees.

The tiger and other animals can only walk over ground spaces.

The arrows help to remind where animals move to, when water (or trees) block them.
If blocked by water, they turn rightward (90 degrees) and then move 1 space.

The sheet which will be around the game tube (tubes are not finished at the moment of writing this).

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