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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Ron van Dalen
Miniatures design: Phanee Jaiwan


The birds migrate in springtime from the South to the North. They always see 3 tiles forward to the North.
(New tiles get placed 1 space to the left/right if there was an arrow at the left/right.)
Each player is a bird. You should reach the nesting grounds with the best health ( = most energy), together with your fellow birds (Redbrests or Bluethroats).
The first bird must move now. Each space you move through/to costs you 1 energy, but eating a strawberry/berries/caterpillar/beetle brings you 2/3/4/5 energy. Your turn ends at the food space, the other birds fly while you eat.
You cannot move to/through other birds or water spaces and not through a space with food.
So the first bird can move 1 space forward (costs 1 energy) and eat the berries (brings 3 energy), gaining 2 energy.
But you could fly 4 spaces around the berries to the more nutricious caterpillar or beetle, before these are gone and other birds block your way there.
Moving 4 spaces to the caterpillar at the right side may bring good perspectives too.


One of these 2 Redbrest birds moves a long distance to the beetle. Spending much energy. Probably there are Buethroats (outside the picture) close to the beetle, who would eat it otherwise.
The game rules are easy, but planning, blocking, counter-planning etc. goes very deep!
Here these Redbreats can consult each other, but when you are more than 6 spaces from each other you can't hear (may not speak to) each other.


Here the last move for the blue tail Bluethroat. He must end in the same nest as the other Bluethroat.
He could go to the strawberry first, moving 4 spaces and eating 2, so losing 2 energy. Then going to the nest next turn costs 2 steps, so minus 2 energy again. Making a total 4 energy lost. So going 3 steps to the nest direct is better. (If there is no 3th Redbreast bird in the game with a good path to the strawberry and other nest.).

Games arrived, finally!

opened a box, checked tiles sheets and placed a few of the miniatures on it.

Closer look ...

... and placed some kind of game set-up on a table.
Will play the final game soon! :)

Game box and rulebook have 4 languages.
Hereunder the rulebook (2 pages DIN4). In each game are:


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