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!!! In Germany, USA and France you can buy a new edition of "ZooSim" with the name "O Zoo le Mio" !!!

  Author: Corné van Moorsel
Artwork: Frank Czarnetzki
Attract the most visitors into your zoo!
As a zoo manager you construct your own zoo to attract visitors into your zoo.
Visitors are attracted by large zoo areas for certain types of animals.
But don't forget to place the paths in your zoo so that visitors can walk loops
through your zoo. Visitors like many trees in a zoo too.

ZooSim characteristics:

-- Number of players: 2, 3 or 4
-- Playtime: +/- 45 minutes
-- Age: 10-110
-- Rules in 4 languages: English , German , French , Dutch .

ZooSim rules example (these aren't the complete ZooSim-rules but show the main actions)

Overview of the zoos after 13 gamerounds: (That's halfway the game.)
Alan's birds (red) form one area worth 4 (2 + 2 stars), because the tile halves with the birds are adjacent to each other. That brings first place in birds for Alan, so 2 visitors are placed there. Klaus has one visitor for second place in birds. Reiner too has a red tile halve with 3 stars, but Klaus built his area with birds later. Wolfgang's zoo has 2 parts with reptiles (grey). The grey tile halves are not connected, because they are placed diagonally to each other. So Wolfgang's worth in reptiles is 3 stars, the part with 2 stars has no worth for him now. Klaus has a worth 6 (2 adjacent tile halves with 3 stars) in reptiles. Only Klaus has 2 completed round paths, so 1 visitor in each. The others all have one round path, so one visitor there.
Start of gameround 14: The 4 players bid for the 4th zoo tile of the 3rd season. The tile has sea animals, birds and a tree. They placed their bid at a side of their entrances. Reiner and Klaus bid the most, both 3 coins. Reiner's zoo flag has a higher position than Klaus' flag, so Reiner gets the new zoo tile .....

End of gameround 14: ..... Reiner hands in his 3 coins and adds the tile to his zoo. He doesn't complete a round path. Reiner takes over the 2nd place in number of trees so he gets 1 visitor from Klaus. Both have 3 trees now but Reiner placed the latest tree. The new sea animal (blue) with 3 stars has no meaning now, because Reiner's best blue area already has 5 stars and he doesn't connect the new sea animal to that area. But the new bird (red) is adjacent to another red tile half. That makes 4 stars for birds, which brings first place (4 red stars is equal to Alan but Reiner connected the last birds). So Alan and Klaus shift to the 2nd and 3rd position and each loose 1 visitor from their birds.

ZooSim score sheets
+/- 9 score sheets are in the game.
Use those to copy for more matches or click on the score sheet here to get a bigger score sheet picture to print self.

Details of ZooSim-tiles

ZooSim was nominated for the Dutch Games Prize (Nederlandse Spellenprijs) 2003.

ZooSim was selected as:
Games Magazine Best Family Strategy Game 2004.


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