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Author: Corné van Moorsel
Illustrations: Marco Jeurissen


FACTORY FUN EXPANSION 1 you can add complete to the Factory Fun game.

4 tiles with crossing pipelines. They cross each other different to the crossing pipelines in the base game.

Give each player 1 such tile.

You can use and re-use this tile whenever you want, but each player has only one such tile available.
If you use these crossing pipelines, it costs you 2,- (1,- per pipeline).
Each time you place it, it costs you 2,- , because you don't build one over an earlier pipeline. Both pipelines are always new. Sometimes you replace 2 corner pipelines by one of the 2 new pipelines, but those have an other shape.
All rules remain as in the base game.
It is cool when you can use it in your factory. It makes you think 'different' ...


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