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Corné van Moorsel
Corné van Moorsel

For 2 teams

ages 10-100

30 minutes

This is not game 501167, but game 167 out of 501 games. The first edition numbered printrun is 501 games.
521 games made, to be precise, 20 extra for the people who made the games in the factory.
I hope it will become 501167 games later. :)

Hereunder some close-up pictures taken with a sample game. In the final games the 6 and 9 are underlined, among other improvements.

A fragment of the sample game.
You get the game idea when you see this picture, but it surprises when you play it.
TIP: Trust the rulebook (this games is prepared during 15 years) and play it with groups.

SUMMY rulebook pages:

Pictured pages are unsharp copied (and some spaces look wrong it in). The real rulebook looks perfect.

Photos of the production of the boxes.
After glueing the prepared planks together (rubbertree wood), the sides get flat by abrade, then fine polishing,
then laquering, then silkscreen printing to finalize the wooden boxes.
The 94 blocks are rubbertree wood too. Cutten 25x25x10mm each. With diagonal adrading at the top sides,
then fine polished, then laquered, then the color background printed, then the black print.
Sealed in the boxes together with the rulebooks it looks like this:

And with showing 2 box tops up:

Ready!!! :)

Fine quality material! - The blocks stand, to hold them secret to your opponents.

Close up of the sample game. The final games were on the ocean at the moment of making this page.


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