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Tricky Wildlife is a boardgame without a board, tiles, cards or dice ... but with porcelain animals, wooden sticks, a start player shell and score tokens.
You try to maintain the food chain of 4 animal types in your wildlife area where animals eat others, get eaten, starve or die old naturally.
For example: Sharks eat Penguins, who eat Fishes, who eat Shrimp.
Missing a prey animal makes that other animals starve. And it gives you penalty points as wildlife manager.
So you want all species, especially those which were the most rare, because that brings prestige points.
In this game balancing is the key. But sometimes you must take risc to score the scarce prestige points.
The animals may look cute, but the struggle for victory can be hard!

EXAMPLE OF A 4-PLAYERS GAME SETUP (animals: shark-penguin-fish-shrimp)

- Here you see the supply of new animal groups in the centre. Each miniature represents a group of 4, 3, 2 or 1 animal. The top row has 4 animals groups, the second row 3, third row 2. So there is only 1 group of 4 penguins and 1 group of 4 fish available, while there are groups of 4, 3 and 2 sharks and fish.
- The animal row at the left has the supply animals for next years. The row fills each time when animals die and by the remaining animals from the supply.
- The 4 players (wildlife managers) each get 4 sticks to build an age track for their animals for age 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. And each player gets 1 group of each animal type. You determine the age of each group, but one group has age 2, other age 3, other 4 and other 5. Age 1 will be the age of your new animals. And you determine how big the groups are, but the start player starts with only 10 animals, second player 11, third 12 and last 13 animals in the 4 groups. A group of 4 animals on your time track looks to the right, for each 1 animal less you turn it 1 quarter counterclockwise.
- The discs and blocks are 2 and 1 prestige point. Each player starts with 2 points.
- For the first year you place a disc+block at the first placed animal type at the supply. Having the most of these animals at the end of the year brings you the 2 points, second-most brings 1 point.
- For the following year having the most of the currently most endangered (most rare) specie brings the 2 or 1 points. Therefore you look at the number of groups of the species. If it's equal, having the highest predator determines the prestige points. At the start all species have 1 group at each player. So it's all equal, so the shark is the endangered specie. You already place the disc+block under it's row, to shift it to the top of the column next year.
- The shell goes to the start player.

age 1 ------------ age 2 ------------ age 3 ------------ age 4 ------------ age 5

The start player attracted a group of 4 shrimps, and 3 sharks (1 less than 4, so it's turned 1 quarter counterclockwise). They go in the age space for first-year animals. Further this manager already had 4 sharks of age 2, 1 shrimp (so turned 3 quarters) of age 3, 2 fish (turned 2 quarters) of age 4 and 3 penguins of age 5.

One year later the player purchased groups of 4 penguins and 4 fish. Next example text explains what happens with the animals each year.

After the purchase phase your animals will eat, or get eaten, or starve, or die naturally by aging.
Here you see the situation after this happened. Per 4 animals 1 prey is needed. (rounded up)
The 7 (4+3) sharks ate 2 penguins.
The 2 remaining penguins ate 1 fish. The oldest animals get eaten first, so the 1 fish of age 5 (on former picture) was the prey.
The 4 remaining fish ate 1 shrimp.
((This player had many sharks to win prestige points in year 2, but having many sharks is risky for balancing your food chain.))
Finally you move the stick at the right side to the left side. So that all animals are 1 year older at the start of the next year (game round).


Score now is 2 - 3 - 3 - 2.
After shifting the start player shell to the next player the new year starts.


Score now is 3 - 3 - 3 - 4.
((The left-upper player got a penalty point this year (for missing penguins).))

The rulebook (2 pages) :
*Tricky Wildlife*


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